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10 Basic rules for having laying hens... who's ponding!

A dozen eggs a week...

If everything goes well and they are happy, your hens will gratify you by happily cacking about 200 eggs not a year, each. That makes us an average of 0.547 eggs per day. If there are 3 and we accept a few rounded, we get to more or less the dozen per week. 

a little more in spring and summer... a little less in winter... less and less after 3 years... and not at all if we really take care of it, but then really bad!

This "advice page" aims to summarize the few simple rules that will guarantee you maximum results in a minimum of constraints, with hens well in their skin.

If you REALLY have a doubt, click here to access two simple and concrete books to potter before you start.

And if you REALLY have doubts... we take care of everything!

1. The hen house.

2. Completely perched.

3. A dry-footed course.

4. So... Happy!?

5. Table trash cans.

6. Seeds, love and fresh water.

7. The dust bath,

8. Ratatouille and Sourisseau.

9. There is no need for too much.

10. Is it the egg the father of the hen or the hen the mother of the egg? (R.Devos)

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