"WORK IN PROGRESS" Your comments and advice are welcome...! ( or david@leclercq.us)


You are currently an independent landscape entrepreneur, or would you like to move in soon?  Your positioning, your methods and your convictions are 100% focused on respect for the environment, animal and plant biodiversity?

You are looking to grow your business and/or lack time to write your offers and improve the relationship with your customers? In other words, you would prefer to spend more time in the field, chatting with your clients and maintaining their garden, and a little less behind your desk?

We are looking to connect with other landscapers to:

  • Continue to develop the site, and a mobile app centered on customer relations and efficiency: sending quotes, sending visit reports, product offerings and complementary preparations, managing subscriptions, site preparation (material, materials, plants..)
  • Develop the business by entrusting certain gardens to trusted partners, for whom we can take 100% of the customer relationship and site preparation, and leave them focused on the heart of the business: planting, pruning, maintaining.. beautiful natural gardens, living and greedy.

While, like us, you've put the Rou.. up, invested in 100% electric material, and let the ladybugs act, let's meet!

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