"WORK IN PROGRESS" Your comments and advice are welcome...! ( or david@leclercq.us)


Our approach challenges you and you want to join us? At the moment we are in the launch phase and we are still very limited in recruitment. But we would love to welcome our future employees on an internship!

1- Course School of Business and Communication: Community management and web content enrichment

2- sagiste-trainings "around nature" : Garden interview, web content enrichment, content writing.

3- Course computer scientist, coder, developer: Site evolutions, development of a landscape "Web-Appli" incorporating the CRM-the site preparation, etc.

In both cases, the profile is the same:

  • A sens of service and unfailing customer, coupled with good autonomy and adaptability, in short sorry with, by and for others.
  • A excellent editorial and orthograph impeccable (yes... your grandmother was right... That counts!)
  • A "Geek of the outdoor"! Hear.. head "at ease with social networks and computer tools (canva, photoshop, editors, pack office...), and the heart focused on respect for our mother nature!

Bref, if you are a young "Kinen wants", concrete, as happy behind your computer as in the gardens and full of joie de vivre... If you have a real desire to invest in an exciting project, and above all... that you are aware that the world of tomorrow will not resemble that of yesterday, let us know!

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